Zero Debt Freedom : Zero Debt in 90 Days!

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This time tested strategy has been proven since 1993.  This program will take you through a process of eliminating your unsecured debt liability to current creditors using a limited liability company to manage cash flow so that it cannot be attached by creditors.  This will eliminate the chance of any creditor garnishing your paycheck.  We’ll also use debt restructuring to protect any real estate or other property you might want to own in the future.

You have all of the tools necessary to deal with any collection efforts, letters, lawsuits, and collection calls.

Once you’ve followed Winning the Collection Game® (if necessary) and completed the Incorporation and Friendly Judgment Lien Segments you will be ready to establish a new balance sheet for one of your companies and establish credit with an independent credit file that is not part of your personal credit.  This will allow you to protect investments from personal creditors and raise capital and qualify for many other benefits that you would not normally as the personal guarantor.

UPDATE FOR MAC USERS (as of March 2012) Mac users NO longer have to download additional software to view the CORE SYSTEM Ebook. Now Mac users only need a web browser with PDF reader.

Re: MAC users: The membership site works perfectly for MAC and PC/Windows users alike.  There is a difference when it comes to accessing our e-books.  For MAC users there will be a slight expense incurred if they want to gain the same unrestricted flexibility in using our e-books that PC/Windows users experience. Because we use a security system to lock down our e-books and control access we have had to implement a much less flexible solution for MAC users.  Still there are two solutions available to fix this. 

  1. MAC can run PC/Windows using MAC’s own basecamp solution which allows for Dual boot and usage of PC/Windows on your MAC. By doing this you could then use the windows version of the e-book although you would be limited to having to boot into Windows in order to access the books then reboot back into MAC in order to do your normal work.
  2. Like the above solution there is a program that allows for even more versatility allowing MAC user to have both MAC OSx and PC/Windows running at the same time which is actually the best of both worlds. In this instance a MAC user would have to purchase Parallels Desktop solution found here and a cheap version of PC/Windows like Windows XP which you can get for about $49 and you would now have the same exact experience that our PC/Windows users have. If you search around you can find an older cheaper version of Parallels then upgrade to the latest version sometimes for free.

This is actually going to be required in the near future but for now we do have a lesser solution in place that works and gives the MAC user access but you have to go through each page of the e-book one page at a time and you can’t search the document. This has been very frustrating for us and something we do not want our users to have to deal with but it is the best we can do at this time and the market place being what it is. Still it is there and included in the system and cost of the system. Please note this is not a limitation to our system nor a bias against MAC users, it is simply all that is available in the market for MAC users at this time. You can look at it as the price of owning a superior computer.

License Agreement 

This agreement is between and you the subscriber.  The term “you” and/or “your” apply to you, the individual paying for, using and benefiting from Zero Debt in 90 Days®.

The duration of this agreement is perpetual from the date that your funds are received.  It includes all items listed in the sales letter.  This service is not a substitute for professional legal, tax and/or investment advice.

All communication will be via its customer service function at our membership web site and utilize email, telephone, chat, and scheduled conference calls. Any documents transmitted will be accepted via email only, such as .pdf, .doc or scanned images. We cannot accept any mail either via the United States Postal Service or any private carrier or courier.

You are responsible for all third party costs, taxes and fees, although we may have credited your final cost for one or more of them.  These may include a state filing fee for your corporation, new bank account fees, mailbox, and court fees depending on which aspects you use and business credit services.  The strategies are also designed to incur the least cost to third parties.

We are very “cost and time conscious” with clients so that you are not incurring unnecessary third party fees. Typically, the third party fees include $90 to the Secretary of State and $99 for the Registered Agent for your corporation, and possibly a court filing fee in some states. Any subsequent corporate registrations will incur only a one-time fee to the state (not annual) and your registered agent fee. 

You will be provided with all of the information and documents necessary to reach the stated objectives including but not limited to all published strategies within Zero Debt in 90 Days®.  Your time involved in applying these strategies is minimized because the forms and procedures are already available on the membership website and ready for use.

No intellectual property rights are conveyed, assigned or transferred by this license and unauthorized duplication of any material or intellectual property of John Gliha or this website may subject you to civil and criminal penalties.

You agree not to make or distribute unauthorized copies of any part of the program.  Likewise, you agree not to engage in making any defamatory statements in any form or media about this program or any individual associated with the publisher.  You also understand that any such acts will result in fines and penalties imposed by both state and federal law.